Monkey Waiters Are Aping Around!!!

Hard pressed to find good helping hands these days? Not bothered that these helping hands may not be human? Or you just want to pay peanuts to your waiters?

Then you may want to try hiring the same workers as used by the owners of the Japanese tavern Kayabukiya.

The local hangout just north of Tokyo employs a pair of Japanese monkeys called Yat-chan and Fuku-chan to serve their customers.

The younger of the two, Fuku-chan, usually begins the first shift and is quick to hand out customers a hot towel to help them clean their hands before they order their first drinks.

Both monkeys are well appreciated by customers who tip them with boiled soya-beans to enjoy during their down time.

Japanese, the Crazy Language – Katakana Mnemonic

A while ago I posted on how to recognise and read Hiragana alphabets. For those crazy people out there who are still interested in getting to know more of this maddest language, here’s how to recognise and remember the second of Japanese characters – Katakana.


Let’s dig an underground tunnel! as in “underground“.

Underground tunnel 1Underground tunnel 2Katakana A


I want an easel. as in

Easel 1Easel 2Katakana I

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